Unleashing Prosperity

Freelance India – the dream project and a blessing for the citizens, could help in connecting the dots of various projects, past and present, to bring India to a global platform. It will help in moving with the universal trends of digital innovation and create positive impact in the lives of people - rural and urban, young and old.

As per the World Bank report, a 10% increase in mobile and broadband penetration increases the per capita GDP by 0.81% and 1.38% respectively in the developing countries. If Freelance India project could help increasing the employment penetration across India by 50% and by 30% in next 2 years, the corresponding increases in GDP. Adding to this growth and prosperity would be the impact of other pillars that would empower the citizens with gamut of services at their fingertips. The benefits of the Freelance India initiative are beyond imagination and the opportunities to innovate in the digital world for all stakeholders are limited only by their own imagination. The Aadhaar card (722 million as on December 2014) would facilitate lifelong and unique identification and authentication of citizens across the country. This unique id along with digital platforms could enable efficient and equitable service delivery at anytime, anywhere and on any device.With increased penetration of mobile, they become obvious choice for attaining inclusiveness in others sectors like financial, education, healthcare to name a few. Moreover, with several industries undergoing digitization lately, local language content would help to gain adoption and to bridge the rural-urban divide. Problem of urbanization could be tackled by enabling equivalent infrastructure in rural areas or building satellite towns through 3 types of connectivity proposed by APJ Abdul Kalam namely: physical, electronic and knowledge. The digital business models not only help in reaching to wider audience, but at the same time, make the services more affordable, attractive and feasible for the end users. For example, entrepreneurial ventures such as BigBasket (grocery at home), Portea Medical (home healthcare), SuperProfs (online education),etc. are enabling inclusive growth by delivering high quality services to masses at low-cost. E-Commerce is bringing paradigm shift in the delivery of sale and service and slowly replacing the traditional brick and mortar sellers.

Freelance India initiative could help in achieving the objectives of Education for all, Information for all, Employment for all, Broadband for all if the government focuses on strong leadership structure, enables private participation, creates detailed implementation plan with common ‘citizen centric’ framework and robust security / privacy measures, and ensures integrated efforts from all departments.

As they say “The sky is not the limit” for the benefits

Message from Industry Partner

The Government of India has embarked upon an ambitious journey which has a vision to transform India into a digital state where the government will interface with its stakeholders digitally. Whether it is interfacing with the Citizens, Businesses or within the Government, the fundamental principle is digital enablement of the services which has led to inception of the ‘Digital India’ program. It is a proven fact that digitally enabled economies grow faster than the others a case in point being China.

Freelance India is a large umbrella program which will restructure and re-focus several existing schemes to bring in a transformative impact. The Freelance India vision aims to transform our country into a digital economy with participation from citizens and businesses. This initiative will ensure that all government services and information are available anywhere, anytime, on any device that is easy-to-use, seamless, highly-available and secured.

With proven technologies like Cloud, Machine-to-Machine (M2M), Analytics, Mobile (web-based interface), Social and Security at our disposal, this transformation can be made into a reality. A program of this scale, however, has never been conceived and one may well imagine the challenges that this will present. Challenges of managing scale, complexity and breadth will present themselves aplenty.

• Digital Infrastructure for Every Citizen of India – The enablement of the urban and rural digital infrastruc¬ture is the prime focus to provide eGovernance /mGovernance to citizens

• Governance and Service on Demand – Modernization and reengineering of government processes &services will simplify governance and these services will be provided on an electronic or mobile channel to reach the remotest parts of India

• Digital Empowerment of Citizens – Address the current gap of the digital “haves” and “have nots” by developing skills and capacities of not only the citizens but also of the government agencies and employees at large.

It is clear from the above mentioned vision that the Freelance India wants this program to be ‘Citizen-Centric Employment Program ’.

Overview of Freelance India

A good governing body requires a good communication platform to communicate with the stakeholders efficiently. Provide employment to all the young and literate community has been a big challenge for the government with widespread geography, massive population, and enormous linguistic & cultural diversity. The way of closing this stage is only by provide skill development and motivate and awareness by self employment. For this the efficient way to communicate with the citizens of the world’s largest democracy with a population of 1.2 billion is only possible by connecting with everyone on a digital platform. Though India is considered as the IT powerhouse of the world, there is a huge digital divide.

The Freelance India initiative is a dream project to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.

In the current global scenario, strongly believing in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the whole world is one family) can usher the country into a new world of wisdom and knowledge where digital forces can help to bridge the gap between the elderly western world and the young eastern world of the future.